Biodegradeable Hemp Plastic

Why choose Greengo Products?

Biodegradable Hemp Plastic –

Everyday, here in the United States, a countless number of mylar plastic bags and plastic doob tubes are used to package pre-rolls for the cannabis industry. Most of the time, along with many other petroleum based plastic items, they end up in a landfill. Polluting our ground with oil based contaminants, leading to the degradation of water supplies and the stability of our oceans. We have come to make a difference!

Greengo is introducing the first ever biodegradable hemp plastic option! Welcome to a brand new world without plastic waste! All of Greengo’s hemp plastic composites are completely biobased and biodegradable. They will be turned into compost in just 18 months, but only if exposed to air, water and microorganisms at the same time. Our material does not just dissolve in a storm or a rain shower and is stable up to 150° F. If one of our biodegradable hemp plastic products ends up in the sea, it will dissolve completely, although that will take some more time than in soil. But in the end, it will dissolve completely, leaving no traces of pollution or everlasting particles.

Our first line of products are aimed to clean up the cannabis culture. We produce doob tubes, grinders, rolling trays, seed tubes and containers at this time, with big plans for future developments in the packaging industry! Our material, at it’s current thickness and hemp content is 1.5 times stronger and has 3 times the rigidity as traditional petroleum based plastic. It is an extremely durable and reusable option for your pre-roll and other cannabis packaging needs!

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  1. Sam Walsh says:

    Hello! I am the packaging manager from a hemp flower company in Oregon and we are interested in buying your biodegradable hemp tubes for our product line, please email me with what I can do to get in touch

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