Greengo Rolling Papers

Greengo Rolling Papers

Greengo Rolling Papers –

Greengo rolling papers are the newest, cleanest and all natural line of rolling papers on the market today. Since 2011, the talk of Greengo has spread throughout nearly 70 countries before reaching the United States. Now, we are proud to present the most natural rolling paper on the market. Greengo papers are made from FSC certified wood. The Forest Stewardship Council is responsible for ensuring that fragile ecosystems are protected. FSC dedicated itself to respecting native cultures and economies, preventing illegal logging, restricting clear-cutting (removing all trees in a tract) and pesticide use, as well as monitoring the “chain of custody,” or ensuring that the wood in the product you’re looking at really came from the forest that was certified. Guaranteeing that all of our material is acquired in the most sustainable and respectful manner to the natural ecosystem and habitats.

All of our rolling papers are made from Totally Chlorine Free, Unbleached, Completely Chemical Free material. Allowing smokers to truly taste and experience their product of choice in a more health conscious manner. We are proud to say that all of our packaging is composed of recycled paper material, making Greengo the all around eco-friendly rolling paper product line. Greengo Rolling papers are made at an ideal weight of 14g/m2, making us one of the lightest rolling papers on the market today. You will notice the difference right away in the smoothness and flavorless addition to your preferred tobacco or herb products.

Greengo USA will be releasing the full line of Greengo rolling papers, including the one and only King Size Wide! We also have some exciting news about the development of our biodegradable hemp plastic products! Pick up some Greengo papers today and taste the difference. Pure natural papers for a pure natural smoke.

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  1. Mark Martinez says:

    Met you at the Indo Expo in Portland this past weekend. Thanks for a good product at a great show.

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