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Our Mission


 Our mission is to provide pure, natural products for the pure, natural smoker.  We have built our reputation by providing pure and natural rolling papers to the eco-friendly consumer and have always looked for new and innovative ways to help serve the industry.  Greengo is a proud winner of The European Product Awards and Amsterdam’s #1 Rolling Paper!

2011 European Product Awards
Pure, natural products for the Pure, natural smoker

About Greengo

Created in 2008, Greengo had one goal. That goal was to do our part in ensuring a steadfast transition into the world of eco-friendly products.  It started with our focus being on that of purely natural ingredients and ridding the process of any chemicals. From classic to king size, all of our rolling papers are 100% totally chlorine and chemical free.  We use 100% arabic gum to stick the paper and our rolling papers are made from an FSC certified wood pulp. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefit.  

Greengo USA

Go Green, Go Greengo!

King Size Pre-Rolled Cones
All natural, chemical free, unbleached

King Size Pre Rolled Cones

Greengo is proud to offer our first production run economy King Size Pre Rolled Cones.  We anticipated the need for something that customers not only loved but could also say was eco-friendly.  Given the fact that King Size Pre Rolled Cones are most dispensaries top selling item, we knew that owners were looking for more affordable, eco-friendly options to use and give to consumers. Based off our prior success in Europe with our award winning paper lineup, we knew we could deliver on those needs. 

Like our papers, our King Size Pre Rolled Cones are 100% chemical free, FSC certified and unbleached.  We truly believe consumers do not want to have a “taste” when it comes to paper, the idea is to have no taste at all from the paper and be smooth, efficient and less toxic than the other brands.  We are now shipping our first production run cones and will be offering customization offers in the near future.  These cones run great in just about any machinery you will be using to manufacture your pre rolls.  If you have questions about usability in your shop or anything else, please contact us here or give us a call.