Biodegradable Hemp Plastic Pre-Roll Tubes

Biodegradable Hemp Plastic Pre-Roll Tubes – Proudly Greengo and Hemplyne present a complete range of biodegradable hemp products.

Hemplyne is completely biodegradable plastic hemp, made of 100% organic fibers, hemp, corn polyacrylic acids and lignin (a by-product of the paper industry). All of these components are completely biodegradable. After 18 months, the hemplyne is converted into compost, but only when it comes into contact with air, water and microorganisms at the same time. The material will not simply dissolve in a rainstorm, but eventually they will dissolve completely within the natural elements, leaving no traces of pollution or particles behind.

Hemplyne is a clean, durable and harmless alternative to the use of chemical plastic. Greengo hemplyne, the beginning of a revolution in the field of plastic!

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