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Greengo Humidifying Stones


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Greengo Humidifying Stones

Greengo Humidifying Stones – Greengo, but also built-on tobacco, are natural products that can dry out easily. When this happens, they give a less enjoyable smoking experience than when the Greengo or shag tobacco is kept a little damp.

These unique stones are ideal to prevent your Greengo from drying out!

Operation of the Greengo Humidifying Stones

Let the stone absorb 2-3 drops of water. You will see that these are incorporated directly into the porous stone (made from natural clays according to a patented production method). Add the stone to your Greengo bag.
Your Greengo will dry less quickly. These stones are also ideal for tobacco!

  • There are 48 limestones per display;
  • With Greengo imprint;
  • 1 stone has a diameter of 30mm.

European product

The Greengo Humidifying Stones are produced by Desert Tree, an eco-friendly, European company. The production of these stones fits in with the philosophy behind Greengo: the tobacco stones are made with minimal strain on fellow man and the environment. Moreover, it is a durable, reusable product that you can enjoy for many years. Greengo has proudly included these tobacco stones in their assortment.

The Greengo hydrostone

  • is the perfect solution to moisten your roll tobacco;
  • is composed of different types of clay, which ensures a correct ratio of absorption-release humidity;
  • is a 100% natural and additive-free product;
  • is produced with only food-grade raw materials;
  • remains reusable for a very long time (how long we are not even behind …);
  • will not cause fungi, contrary to the use of potato peel, orange peel, moist wipe, etc.
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